Motion Picture Advertising


Cinéma Copain is the first Swiss trailer company to produce theatrical teasers, trailers and TV advertising spots for independent motion pictures and feature documentaries. Our enthusiasm for cinema and expert knowledge of movie-making provide your production with an effective advertising tool.

We propose smart and individual solutions for all audio-visual advertising platforms that will potentially suit your feature movie and get it the attention it deserves.

Our experienced team works closely with distributors and producers on everything from developing original and creative concepts to making changes in an existing campaign or adapting a trailer for international marketing. We provide high-quality service at a reasonable price.

We can offer the whole package from the concept to the first 35mm print and take charge of every step in post-production - for example, animated graphics, sound mix, surround mix and color correction. We produce your trailer every step of the way, you focus on completing your movie.


Chris The Swiss Theatrical Trailer

Looking_For_Sunshine_Trl Theatrical Trailer

Chris The Swiss Theatrical Trailer

Amour senza Fin TRL Theatrical Trailer

VAKUUM Theatrical Trailer

53 Solothurner Filmtage Theatrical Trailer

Schweizer Filmakademie  Theatrical Trailer

Goliath Theatrical Trailer

Kinder Machen Theatrical Trailer

Misericorde Theatrical Trailer

Cahier Africain Theatrical Trailer

DerFrosch Theatrical Trailer

SFT52 Theatrical Trailer

ESL_Trl Theatrical Trailer Domestic

ESL_Trl Theatrical Trailer International

DerMeisterPoster Theatrical Trailer

WDN2016 Theatrical Teaser

UliSigg Theatrical Trailer

Wintergast_Trl Theatrical Trailer

Alpin Theatrical Teaser

Vecchi_Pazzi_Trl Theatrical Trailer

HR_Giger_Trl Theatrical Trailer

la_racon_Trl TV Trailer

SO_50 Theatrical Trailer

UnterDerHaut_Trl Theatrical Trailer

service_Trl Theatrical Trailer

ALFONSINA_Trl Theatrical Trailer

je-suis-FEMEN_Trl Theatrical Trailer

left-foot-right-foot_TRL Theatrical Trailer

ROSIE Theatrical Trailer

Shana Theatrical Trailer

Neuland_Trl Theatrical Trailer

ROSIE Theatrical Trailer

Clara Theatrical Trailer

Dead Fucking Last Theatrical Teaser & Trailer

appassionata-film. Theatrical Trailer

Vigin TalesTheatrical Trailer

Nr.7 Theatrical Trailer

TheArtiste Theatrical Trailer

TheArtiste Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer / TV-Campaign

TheArtiste TV-Campaign

EMPIRE ME Theatrical Trailer / TV-Campaign 

GLAUSER POSTER Theatrical Trailer

DerItalienerTrl Theatrical Trailer

poster Teaser Trailer / TV Campaign

 Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

«Silberwald» SILBERWALD Webteaser

ALIVE! Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

artworks Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign


 Theatrical Trailer

Petite chambre Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign Theatrical Trailer

artworks Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

Hugo Koblet - Pédaleur de Charme Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

Stationspiraten Theatrical Trailer 

LÄNGER LEBEN Theatrical Teaser / Trailer / TV&Radio Campaign

 Theatrical Trailer

GURU Theatrical Trailer

Complices TV Campaign

Zwerge Sprengen Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

 Theatrical Trailer

Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

Coeur animal (2009) Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

Tulpan TV Campaign

 Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer / TV Campaign

 Theatrical Trailer Theatrical Trailer

 Theatrical Trailer

Strähl Theatrical Trailer

White Terror Theatrical Trailer

Fahne der 7 Aufrechten Theatrical Trailer

Skinhead Attitude Theatrical Trailer Theatrical Trailer